Precision CNC Router / Engraver

  • Sign Routing 
  • Guitar Making
  • 3D Modeling 
  • Plastics cutting
  • Milling of non-ferrous metals
  • Educational Applications 
  • StarCam Windows Controller
  • 3D Digitizer Ready
  • Optional Servo Motors

The Camtool 24/36 comes standard with a 2 Hp Bosch Variable Speed Router with optional  3hp Elte router and a Floating Engraving spindle.

All systems come complete and ready to run with Starcam software, 3 axis controller, dust pickup ,and hold-down clamps

Precision Quality Construction

Precision Thompson Linear bearings are on all axes. These recirculating ball bearings are extremely accurate and rugged. They guarantee very accurate reliable positioning and excellent cut quality. The hardened rails are bolted to the frame all along their length.
The table and frame are made of solid aluminum plate and bar that has been precision machined. We don't use hollow aluminum extrusions like other xyz tables.

A Profitable Investment

The possibilities for profit and new products are limited only by your imagination. The Camtool can be used for so many different types of jobs it can pay for itself in a very short time.

 The Camtool can be used to Route, Engrave, 3D mill or plot all types of materials including plastic, acrylic, MDF, wood, composites, brass and aluminium. A  2 hp router  variable speed Bosch router is standard with an optional precision floating spindle.

The choice of Guitar makers

With the Camtool you can easily do complex jobs that you would have previously thought too difficult or time consuming, such as inlaying metal into wood or cutting out elaborate graphic shapes .

Advanced contouring at cutting speeds up to 120 in/min lets you cut complex graphics with curves and arcs smoothly and accurately. With its computer controlled 4" z axis clearance and 5" stroke , the Camtool can cut thick materials such as wood or foam board using the multi-pass mode.

Our StarCam USB Windows controller is one of the easiest to use controller out there. Teachers prefer its simple point and click controls and easy position setting compared to old style controllers only based on G and M codes. Starcam can also run Gcode style if you like, or you can use its easier for students graphic mode.

CAMTOOL 24/36 Specifications

XYZ travel 24.5" x 36.5" x 8 "
Z Clearance 8" ( 9" clearance )
XYZ Resolution 0.0005"
Repeatability + - 0.001"
Spindle type 2 Hp Bosch Variable speed router (std)
Maximum cutting speed 120 in/min (240 in/min servo)
Control type Micro-Step Stepper motor 150 oz/in ( Optional 3 axis Servo controller )
Table Material Aluminum drilled and tapped plate (.375")
T-Slot option .Machined 1/2" x 2" Solid aluminum bar
Shipping weight 210 Lb (100KG)
XYZ table top space 30" x 38"
Power required 120 volt 15 amps
Computer required Windows Xp, 7


Camtool 24/36 Options

Enclosure with Interlock (optional stand)
3 Hp Teknomotor router with Drive unit (220V)
Plotter-Pen/Knife holder 
Vinyl cutting knife w/blade 
3D digitizer probe Attachment 
Closed loop 3 axis controller
Tool touch sensor
Surfer 3D toolpath software 



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