Larken 3 Axis controllers

Stepper motor controllers






Larken 3 axis Stepper controllers

The controller comes complete , professionally assembled , wired and tested in a 16 guage cabinet with fan cooling. Black satin paint with Diamond drag engraving.

These Larken 3 axis Servo controllers are available with our StarCam USB for Windows controller board or Mach 3 (Printerport).

Microstep drives can handle up to 8 amps /phase .

Features include noise filtered inputs for limit switches and Estop, 0-10 volt analog output for Spindle speed control, Starcam ready indicator and others.

Available 300 or 500 powersupply. Voltages 45 volts or 64 volts.

Also available with an interface for Mach 3 control software (Mach3 not included).

Optional CSA Approval available.

PRICES starting at $1600


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