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Profile Lab sign software
Profile Lab by SignLab

All in one Signmaking program with Design, Layout, effects and Toolpaths for creating professional signs without the hassle.


Rhino 3D Cad

Rhino 3d is a new generation 3d modelling program that works very well with Larkens Surfer 3d and Larken CNC routers

 Compared to other Cad programs we have used, this is very easy to draw in and very bug free. 

It uses Nurbs technology which was previously available in very expensive Cad programs. 

This program is available at

The Angels were digitized on with the Larken Digitizer and Imported into Rhino for modifications and rendering 

The file was then exported into Surfer 3d using DXF format. We then used Surfer to generate the roughing and finish tool paths. This object was routed on a Camtool 2424  'Surfer-3D' Toolpath Software
xyz wood routers and Software and Accessories
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