Larken Automations's New CNC control for windows 
is finally here! 

  Now you can be routing a job with our very easy to use control while designing or  setting up the next job to be cut on the same Windows PC. 

  StarCam is an easy to use operating environment for Routers and CNC mills. You can import G-Code, DXF and HPGL files and lay them out on the workarea. 
  It has commands for importing, editing toolpaths, sorting ,selective routing and drawing. 
 Layer control allows you to separate you job for different tools to make running complex jobs easier. Each layer can use a different tool, have a override speed or depth and can be turn on or off.

 The tool list lets you define all your tools with its feeds , RPM and maximum cut per pass parameters which automatically get sent to the controller when the tool is used. No need to edit Gcode file with a text editor as Starcam takes care of tool changes for you.

The Starcam Control is a easy to use spooler that allows easy control of the router. It comunicates over the printer port to a highspeed motion controller board in the control box. 
 The StarCam control uses very little of your windows resources so you can be using your PC to design then next job or surf the web etc.
 Coordinates are continously updated and all controller status displays are in real time. Feed rate, Router RPM and auxillary functions are controlled on the fly.
 Jogging is smooth and fast using you mouse and a Remote hand held controller is optional.
  The controller can run in two modes : As a userfriendly spooler for the StarCam Design and Layout program or as a direct Gcode Interpreter. Both modes feature highspeed Vector Lookahead motion control for processing hundreds of blocks per second.

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