Larken Surfer-3D

Affordable Toolpath creation for 3D modelling

Click here for Downloadable Surfer 3d Demo Tutorial with Voice


Surfer-3D lets you create 3d toolpaths easily on complex 3D wireframe Cad drawings. 

Ideal toolpath companion for Rhino-3D and your Larken Router

Origional Wire frame 

Cutter compensated ToolPath

Cam software

Cam software

Surfer-3D Features Include
  • Reads 3D DXF and STL surface files from AutoCad, DesignCad 3D, Rhino,Corel Dream 3d, Raydream 3d etc. 
  • Convert BMP and JPG Bitmap files to surfaces with smoothing and other effects 
  • Supports Ballnose, Vee and flat end cutters 
  • Create Roughing and finish passes 
  • Machine in X or Y axis or Spiral pass 
  • Manipulation of 3d objects (Scale,move rotate) 
  • Contour engraving and routing on 3d surfaces 
  • Any number of 3D objects can be used to shape the model 
  • Optional 3D probe can digitize existing 3D surfaces and Import 
  • Outputs 3d G-code and other NC file formats 
  • Less than 1/2 the price of comparable programs 
  • Available only from Larken Automation

    Price $499.00

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    For more information please leave an e-mail message with your address and phone number. 

    OEM CNC manufacturers can submit the Language spec for their controller in a text file and e-mail it to us. 

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