Is this "Carver" machine a a good investment .. or just a good price ? This carver is manufactured off shore and sold by a number of tool importers under different names.

Will you be able to get replacement parts for it in 5 years ? probably not as this machine will be worn out or obsolete in a few years. If the controller blows or gives problems, do you ship back the whole machine because the controller is not removeable from the machine. Is this machine desposable ?

Many Larken routers sold in canadian schools since 1992 are still in service and parts and upgrades are still available. Service and support is a major part of our business.

  Can the Carver digitize ? Can it cut aluminum and other metals commonly used in the classroom to make parts for Robot competitions ? No, its not rigid enough to cut metals






Compare the construction of our Larken routers. There are No compromises and all parts are replaceable. Larken routers

  Linear Ball bearings are used by all precision automated machines to eliminate friction so accurace is achieved. Other wise friction will cause machines to stick and flex reducing accuracy.