Enclosures with Safety Interlock
1515 Encl

All Larken routers are designed with safety in mind and our line of full enclodures with Safety Interlock ensure the Spindle stops and the machine comes to a stop when the doors are opened.

All Larken products are made in Canada. The rugged aluminum extrusion is produced in Ontario. We don't use inferior not offshore extrusion

We also offer enclosures for older Larken machines. Please contact us for a quote.

Prices range from $995 to $2500

Note: Beware of companies claiming to represent Larken for Enclosure instalations. A poorly installed interlock can affect the reliability and cause electical noise problems. Also some hardwire the controller so it can't be removed for service or upgrades.

If you do use a contractor,please have them contact us to have any internal controller interlock modifications done by Larken.

2424 enclosure
2436 enclosure


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