Larken 3D Digitizer Probe

This accessory allows you to digitize 3D models and store them as a DXF surface or Gcode tool path.
Larken Probe
Remove the Router and mount on the Probe
Small (2"x2") porceline Angels

Digitized at 0.010" resolution

Enlarged in Surfer3d then carved in 2" pine
Probe any surface or model Displayed in Surfer 3D

Our probe is precision machined from solid 6061 aluminum using our CNC machining center. This quality option is covered by a 1 year warantee from Larken. The scanning software is integrated into the StarCam control and is very easy to operate

To use the probe, define the area and the resolution within our StarCam software. The probe will then 'feel' the surface by scanning back and forth. Accuracy is aproximately 0.010"

Files can be loaded into Surfer3d for modifying or other Cad programs such as Autocad, Rhino3d etc that can import 3d DXF.

The probe software (Starcam) also allows you to probe a vector path. This lets you fit a contour tool path such as lettering directly onto a complex surface. First the surface is probed, then the probe is replace by the router which can now route the design on to the 'learned' surface. The probe can also output direct Gcode so you can recut directly.

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