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Larken CNC Routers in the Classroom
Lab bot 1616

Larken CNC routers have been the choice of many schools and colleges and universitys for the last 20 years. These robust systems that are designed to last and use the latest technology such as our USB interface and 3d digitizer. Our StarCNC controller runs in any Windows 32 or 64 computer.The controller is compatible with all Cam and design programs such as Fusion 360, MasterCam, Aspire, Vcarve pro, RhinoCam , Corel Draw etc.

The system can be used to teach technology in many areas such as  electronics, machine tool , construction, automation, CNC training, and woodworking shops.

Safety Enclosure

Our systems are Made in Ottawa,Canada and we promote Canadian Education and Manufacturing for the future of canadian engineering students and manufacturing jobs.

All Larken routers are designed with safety in mind and our line of optional full enclodures with Safety Interlock ensure the Spindle stops and the machine comes to a stop when the doors are opened.

CSA Approval is standard on all educational systems


Larken CNC Router Models for Education

Lab-Bot 1616

Camtool 2020

Camtool 2424

Camtool 2436

inferior Cheap Chinese machines

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Compared to cheap offshore made systems, the Larken is a heavy, precision built machine that can be used by the school to produce real world products and will last for many years, and Larken has been supporting its machines with parts and service for 30 years.

Example Car projects
Designed in Rhino-3D
Toolpath in Surfer3d
Cut time  under 5 mins
Read to Race
Guitar Projects
Guitar Video